Our History

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching, initially known as the “Teaching and Learning Center,” was first proposed in 1996 and launched on October 3, 1997, under the direction of Katy Harriger.  Its first workshop on November 12, “First Year Seminars” (co-sponsored by the First Year Seminar Committee) was attended by over 50 faculty, and the first TLC Exchange Newsletter for faculty was published in December of that year. Subsequent faculty Directors were Sally Barbour (Romance Languages), Bernadine Barnes (Art), Judy Kem (Romance Languages), and Jeffrey Lerner (History). Fall 2010 welcomed the TLC’s first full-time staff Director, Catherine Ross. In 2016, The Teaching and Learning Center joined the Teaching and Learning Collaborative and moved to Reynolda hall. The Collaborative relocated to the ZSR Faculty Commons in October of 2017, and welcomed a new Executive Director, Betsy Barre, in May of 2018. In 2019, the Teaching & Learning Collaborative was replaced by the Teaching & Learning Partners group, and the center became known as the Center for the Advancement of Teaching.