2020 Teaching Award

In 2020, the Center for the Advancement of Teaching is introducing a new award to recognize Wake Forest teacher-scholars who exemplify the reflective, evidence-informed teaching that is at the center of our new mission. Because this award is distinct from the Innovative Teaching Award we have conferred in the past, we urge all applicants to review the details below with care, and to contact us with any questions they might have.

  • Eligibility

    Any Wake Forest instructors on the Reynolda campus who have not won a CAT teaching award in the past three (3) years are eligible for this award.

  • Timeline
    • Call for Applications: Monday, January 6th
    • Application Deadline: Monday, February 24th
    • Decision Announced: Friday, March 6th
    • Award Ceremony: Rescheduled for fall 2020
  • Application Directions

    Applicants should combine the following elements into a single PDF and submit the file via the adjacent form no later than 5PM on Monday, February 24th: 

    • A 1-page cover sheet that includes your name, position/title, department, and a 200-word abstract summarizing your narrative statement.
    • A 3-page narrative that devotes one page each to:
      1. Describing a complex challenge you or your students have faced in your classroom,
      2. Describing new strategies you have adopted to address this challenge, and
      3. Sharing evidence that your strategies resolved and/or mitigated the original challenge
    • An appendix with no more than 5 artifacts supporting the narrative. Examples of artifacts include syllabi, assignments, student work, peer feedback, and student feedback.
  • Evaluation Criteria

    Applications for this award will be evaluated along three dimensions.

    1. First, applicants should be able to demonstrate significant student learning in their courses. Although indirect evidence in the form of self-report will not be discounted, greater weight will be given to direct evidence.
    2. Second, applicants should be able to demonstrate significant reflection on teaching, learning, and the relationship between the two. Successful applications will display curiosity about student learning, an eagerness to experiment, and a willingness to adapt in light of what is learned.
    3. Finally, applicants should be able to demonstrate that their teaching is evidence-informed. Evidence-informed teachers are aware of the research on teaching and learning, collect their own evidence on student learning in their classrooms, and implement strategies that are consistent with both.

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