Video Guides

The CAT created a series of videos in the Summer of 2020 to help faculty prepare for the various teaching modalities available to them in the fall 2020 semester. While some of the content in these videos is only relevant to those semesters, others have found them helpful to think through traditional face-to-face modalities, as well.

Why Online Design Should Come First

The case for beginning with fully online design before planning for blended or socially-distanced teaching.


The Modality Backstory

The guiding principles and situational constraints that led to the development of our teaching modalities.

Thoughts on Simulcasting

CAT reflections on a particular approach to teaching a blended course that combines in person and remote students in the same class period.


A Primer on “Contact Hours”

Before diving into a discussion of blended modalities, it will be helpful to understand the regulatory construct of the “contact hour.”


Blended Modalities

The definition of “blended” learning and how it differs from learning in a face-to-face or online modality.


Blended with Rotating Cohorts: Intro

Why we needed to add “rotating cohorts” to our blended modalities, and what that means for scheduling.


Blended with Rotating Cohorts: Alternatives

The broad constraints within which you can plan and creative alternatives to the default recommendations.


Blended with Rotating Cohorts: Pedagogy

Teaching a blended course with rotating cohorts.


Blended with an Online Pathway

Teaching a blended course with rotating cohorts, one of which is online.