Course Design Institutes

June 1-5, 2020 OR June 15-19, 2020

The CAT ​hosts ​week-long, intensive ​course design programs (usually in the summer)​ ​for faculty interested in redesigning a course. Each institute will run ​a full 5 days, Monday-Friday (with working time and lunch provided) and require the completion of homework between each session. You will have the opportunity to work together with colleagues from across the University.​

This year, the CAT is offering 2 week-long Course Design Institutes. We are targeting faculty interested in designing or redesigning courses for the following purposes (when you apply, you will be asked to select one option):

  • Educating the Whole Student: for those interested in designing or redesigning courses to develop character alongside the development of academic knowledge and skills. Participants will explore research on ethical development and learn strategies to empower students to pursue lives of meaning and purpose.
  • Inclusive Teaching: for those interested in designing courses that advance educational equity. Participants will explore recent research on inclusive practices (e.g., the power of transparent and flexible assignments) and work to integrate those practices into their overall course design.
  • Learning Spaces: for those wanting to design courses for flexible, active, and/or technology-enhanced learning spaces or learn how to “hack” a conventional space. In addition to a (re)designed course and syllabus, participants will develop a “space plan” that will align potential learning experiences with physical and technological resources, and include a plan for overcoming student resistance.
  • Project-Based Learning: ​for those interested in reorienting some or all of their course around a complex and authentic problem, project, or motivating question. Authentic projects could include those that arise on campus, within the Winston-Salem community, or within the scholarly literature of an academic discipline.

This summer our institute weeks are June 1-5, 2020 OR June 15-19, 2020. The institutes are designed to get you to a final (or near final) syllabus by the end of the week (as well as additional resources and/or plans for the individual tracks).

We ask that you apply only if you are able to commit to the entire week. 

Participants who successfully complete all Institute requirements will receive a $500 stipend.

Submit an Application for an Institute

  • Please select the week(s) you are available to participate in the Course Design Institute. If you choose both weeks, we will contact you before May 1 to determine which week you will attend.

  • Please select an area of focus for your course design or redesign from one of the four tracks.
  • Please describe the course you would like to design or re-design during the institute.
  • If you have additional notes or information you would like to include in your application, please do so here
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