Plan A & B crossed out, Plan C

Now that the entire campus is moving to remote work, we are making another shift in our plans for support this week (at some point, we are going to run out of chalkboard images to capture these shifts!).

When our open labs went remote, many of you signed up for 1:1, in-person consultations. So many, in fact, that demand outpaced our slots. As a result, we were already planning to create more opportunities for consultations. But when we learned about the closing of NC schools and the limitations placed on face-to-face work on campus, we decided it would be best to expand access to remote 1:1 consultations via Zoom.

Calendly Appointment Page

calendly logoTo make the process of scheduling these consultations as smooth as possible, we’ve set up a Calendly team page for all four offices in the ZSR Faculty Commons. At, you will be able to request a Zoom meeting with specific team members or with anyone who is available to answer specific kinds of questions.

Updated Support Options

To make these consultations possible, we’ve had to cancel our afternoon open labs Tuesday-Friday. So now you have the following options to receive support:

  1. If you’ve already scheduled a 1:1 consultation with us, we’ve contacted you and will meet with you in person or via Zoom.
  2. If you would like to schedule a Zoom consultation this week, you can do so by visiting
  3. If you would like to join a larger group at your leisure, you can stop by our remote open labs/virtual office hours at the following links:
  4. If you would still like to meet in person, you can email one of us directly to schedule one of our limited, emergency in-person sessions.

Thanks for your patience as we all navigate this fast-moving landscape. We’re looking forward to working with you in the coming weeks whether in person or via Zoom!



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Mary Beth Lock says:

Betsy, For any faculty coming for in person consultations, can you please let them know they will need to bring their Deacon OneCard to get into the library? I think that will be a big change for most everyone. Thanks!

Betsy Barre says:

We’re on it!