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The Center for the Advancement of Teaching aims to advance passionate, reflective, and evidence-informed teaching. We contribute to Wake Forest’s distinctive mission by encouraging the development of teacher-student relationships that prepare all students to live examined, purposeful lives.

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Teaching @WFU: A CAT Blog


Dr. Bryan Dewsbury, an internationally recognized voice for inclusive teaching, is leading a workshop Tue, Feb. 28th. He’s an amazing facilitator and this is a great opportunity! Sponsored by the @wfubiology, Chemistry & Mathematics Depts. Register at:

📣 New CAT blog post release by our Associate Director Dr. Anita McCauley! Read her post “Focus on Self-Awareness and Empathy for Deep Teaching and Learning” below, & don’t miss the details for joining her reading group this Friday in the last paragraph:

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Focus on Self-Awareness and Empathy for Deep Teaching and Learning

I will never forget my first encounter with ChatGPT. Fittingly for me, it came in the form of a syllabus.