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Get Out of Your Classroom: Some Nontraditional Learning Spaces on Campus!

One of my favorite programs I lead here at the CAT is a New Faculty Learning Community. The group meets throughout the year, but at the beginning of our time together, they develop a list of support and resources they […]

Focus on Self-Awareness and Empathy for Deep Teaching and Learning

I + E = O When I think about designing courses or curricula, I often start with I + E = O. Seems like a simple equation, right? There are just three variables. “I” are the inputs — the students and the knowledge and experiences […]

Will ChatGPT make us better, happier teachers?

When I was six years old, my most prized possession was a “Smarty Bear.” Unlike the better-known Teddy Ruxpin, which read a taped script, Smarty Bear was an animatronic teddy bear that would interact and respond to […]

Small Teaching for Instructors of Foreign Languages

This post is authored by Peter Knapczyk, from the Middle East and South Asian Studies (MESAS) Program. Knapczyk developed this contribution as part of his participation in the CAT’s New Faculty Learning Community (FLC) last year.  I was introduced to James Lang’s […]

Small Teaching, Big Impact

This post is authored by Derek Lee from the Department of English. Lee developed this contribution as part of his participation in the CAT’s New Faculty Learning Community (FLC) last year. Be on the look out for a second post from another FLC […]

Preparing to Teach After 16 Months of Disruption

Our previous posts this week have been mostly pragmatic–helping you put the finishing touches on your syllabi, your Canvas page, and your new teaching wardrobe. Today’s post will be a bit longer, reflecting on a particularly thorny pedagogical challenge that may […]

Masks in the Classroom: Part 2!

About this time last year, I wrote a short post with a few mask recommendations and tips for teaching in a mask. We’ve learned a lot over the past year, so I thought it might be helpful to revisit this idea again […]

Transforming Your Blank “Canvas” Into a Teaching Masterpiece

Last week, I began dusting off both my notes and my memory as I started preparing to teach my course this Fall Semester. I haven’t taught this course since the Spring of 2019 and, needless to say, quite a few things […]

Syllabus Week

As our undergraduates begin classes on August 23rd, most Wake Forest faculty are currently in the thick of Syllabus Week. We have run out of cabinets to reorganize and academic TV pilots to watch and are scrambling to draft […]

Join Us for Another Summer Book Discussion in July on Ungrading

*Note: this book discussion is limited to WFU faculty and staff Join us in July to discuss the book, Ungrading: Why Rating Students Undermines Learning (and What to Do Instead) (Blum, 2020). The moment is right for critical […]