Program for Leadership and Character Course Development Grants

As the CAT has been sharing more details about our coordinated summer support, we also want to remind faculty of additional funding opportunities for fall course development. In this guest post, ...

CAT Summer Reading Groups

If you are interested in reading more about teaching online, we have organized two reading groups for the summer. We hope you will join us!

Small Teaching Online Book Cover

Meets weekly three times this summer on Wednesdays ...

A Preview of Summer Support

The CAT, Office of Online Education, Digital Initiatives, and Academic Technology are in the process of preparing comprehensive, coordinated plans to support WFU faculty as we prepare for Fall ...

OER for Access, Equity, & Agency

Think back for a moment and recall some of the many teaching challenges you faced this semester. Even when it felt like so much control had been taken from us, it was inspiring to see the ...

How Do I Care for My Students and Myself During This Difficult Time?

cat and typewriter

Today’s post is an entry in our “Ask the CAT” column. Readers can submit questions related to remote teaching and a member of the CAT will answer them publicly.

Dear Tabby, 

This week I ...