Corrigan Talk Postcard

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We are pleased to be hosting a virtual workshop with Dr. Paul T. Corrigan from the University of Tampa next Thursday, April 1 from 4-5pm.

We hope you will join us for what promises to be an engaging discussion.

Facilitating Challenging Student Conversations in and after COVID
Thursday, April 1, 4-5pm online
The pandemic raises the stakes on hard conversations in the classroom. On one hand, it is more important than ever to talk with our students about controversial topics like race and gender—as this medical and economic crisis hits marginalized groups the hardest. On the other hand, it is more difficult than ever to facilitate these conversations well—as students who are masked, distanced, and stressed may be all the less ready to speak, be vulnerable, listen to others, and think complexly about polarized positions. In this presentation, I will share principles and practices for discussion-based teaching that were well-established before the pandemic along with strategies for adapting these approaches to meet the new challenges and opportunities of the months and years ahead. The aim is to involve every student and to help them move beyond silence, polarization, or conformity into dialogue, empathy, and critical thought.

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Paul T. Corrigan, PhD, teaches English at The University of Tampa. He has led class discussions on challenging topics for over a decade, including in a course he created called Dialogue & Diversity. His academic and public writings on teaching and learning appear in, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Pedagogy, Profession, Teaching & Learning Inquiry and elsewhere.


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