Guest post by Aishah Casseus, J.D. | Executive Director & Title IX Coordinator, Office of Institutional Equity

Hello, I am Aishah Casseus, Executive Director of OIE & Title IX Coordinator. I have worked in Title IX for over seven years. In my experience, one of the biggest challenges campuses face as it relates to Title IX are reporting barriers.

One of things that I have identified as a barrier is the lack of understanding about the overall process. Specifically, the lack of understanding faculty and staff have about the process beyond reporting. We may understand our mandatory reporting responsibility, but that’s it. 

Most people don’t know, for example, the level of autonomy a Claimant has in the process, and that there are options other than a formal grievance procedure. These supportive measures can be offered without moving forward with a formal complaint.

The gap in understanding becomes a barrier when students ask faculty or staff members whom they trust about what can be expected in a process. If that person has no information to share then the student may lose trust and be less likely to engage in the process. 

With that in mind, this video series was created to help our campus community be more informed about the entire Title IX process beyond reporting. I am hopeful that it will benefit our campus community greatly. 

If you’re interested in learning more or helping our office distribute this important information to your department, please get in touch. Thank you for watching