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The CAT welcomes conversations about teaching and learning with anyone in our Wake Forest community. All members of our team can consult on any of the issues below, but we are better able to distribute our work and build expertise by specializing. You are welcome to schedule a consultation with any of us, but we ask that you begin with the CAT Team member who leads our programming in your area of interest. If one of us has limited availability, and you don’t have a strong preference for working with specific members of our team, you can also use the “First Available” scheduling tool below to schedule a meeting with whoever has the earliest availability.


First Available

Does your question not fit in any of the above categories? Or does it seem to bridge them all? Are you having a hard time scheduling a timely meeting with the team lead in your area of interest? If so, use the link below to see all of our calendars and schedule an appointment with the first of us who is available.

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Instructor Support

Kristi is available to consult with graduate students, postdocs, and all faculty about their individual teaching strategies in and outside the classroom. This includes, but is not limited to, conversations about student learning, course design, syllabi, assessment, active learning strategies, classroom climate, and inclusive pedagogy.


Kristi Verbeke

Dr. Kristi Verbeke

Director, Educational Development
659 Z. Smith Reynolds Library

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Department Support

Anita is available to consult with those who lead curriculum and assessment efforts in academic departments, programs, or schools (i.e., chairs, curriculum committees, or administrators). She is able to consult about student learning outcomes, curriculum mapping, assessment cycles, and the development of strategies for collecting evidence of learning.

Anita McCauley

Dr. Anita McCauley

Associate Director, Curriculum Development and Assessment
656 Z. Smith Reynolds Library

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Research Support

Karen is available to consult with those who are interested in designing research on teaching and learning or writing grants to support improved instruction. If you have a question about how a teaching strategy is impacting student success or learning, or have an idea about an innovation that might support improved learning, Karen can help you design a research study to learn more or write a grant to obtain resources.

Dr. Karen Singer-Freeman

Director of Research
657 Z. Smith Reynolds Library

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University Support

Betsy is available for consultations with university partners (i.e., administrators, committee chairs, or staff colleagues) as they develop new initiatives, set policies, or allocate resources to advance teaching priorities across the institution.

betsy barre

Dr. Betsy Barre

Executive Director
663 Z. Smith Reynolds Library

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