Who Owns Course Materials: Courses & Copyright Conundrums

“Do I own my course materials? Does the university? Who owns my course materials?!” I get questions about course materials ownership somewhat often, and more so now that we are preparing to teach in different modalities this fall. There’s part of me that’s always a […]

Sharing Readings & PDFs Online: Courses & Copyright Conundrums

This edition of the Courses & Copyright Conundrums blog series is a collaborative piece from Kyle Denlinger, Digital Pedagogy & Open Education Librarian, and Molly Keener, Director of Digital Initiatives & Scholarly Communication, both at ZSR Library. Posts in this series appear on ZSR and […]

Teaching Films Online: Courses & Copyright Conundrums

This is the first post in a new blog series, Courses & Copyright Conundrums, to address common questions about teaching and copyright. Posts will appear on ZSR and CAT blogs. For additional support, consider attending one of the Faculty Commons pedagogy workshops. Films and […]

Preparing Summer Course Materials

Although agreeing to teach online this summer may feel like yet another emergency response to COVID-19, the additional time to prepare – more than one week! – shifts your summer online course out of emergency status into regular online education. If you read my earlier […]

Getting Course Materials to Your Students

Announcing the rapid shift to remote teaching in the middle of spring break makes course material access difficult for many students. Here are ways that you, vendors and publishers, and ZSR Library can help. Additional information is on the library’s Rapidly Shifting Courses for […]