Trauma-Informed Pedagogy

Maybe you have already experienced this in your classroom; students are exhausted, struggling personally or academically, while others aren’t responding altogether. It is no surprise that the current transition to remote learning formats has intensified the stress and anxiety experienced by all students. According to […]

Shared Spaces: Whiteboarding In Online Courses

*this post is co-authored with Amy Archambault, Instructional Designer in the Office of Online Education, and Lynne Yengulalp, Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. For many, a challenging element of switching from in-person to online teaching has been the […]

Thoughts on Supporting Students During the 2020 Post-Election Moment

Today’s post is a guest post by Michele Gillespie and the Associate Deans of the College It’s been a rough year, to say the least. The upcoming election—just a few days away now—certainly adds to the stress and uncertainty so prevalent across the country. As […]

Strategies for Accommodating Students in Quarantine

We’re getting very close to the Thanksgiving break where you are prepared to teach remotely for the duration of the semester. However, many of you teaching in-person classes may be experiencing the unanticipated challenge of what to do with students who are not able to […]

Teaching in a Physically Distanced Classroom

There’s understandably been a lot of discussion about teaching in an online setting since the pandemic forced us all online in March. But the physical classroom will also be quite different for those of you teaching in-person this fall. During this post, we’re going to […]

Mask Recommendations and Tips for Teaching in a Mask

Wake Forest School of Law professor Brenda Gibson teaches new first year students in her Legal Analysis, Writing, and Research class. Many of you are heading back into the classroom next week and are wondering about logistics. Our next couple of posts will cover masks […]