Thoughts on Supporting Students During the 2020 Post-Election Moment

Today’s post is a guest post by Michele Gillespie and the Associate Deans of the College It’s been a rough year, to say the least. The upcoming election—just a few days away now—certainly adds to the stress and uncertainty so prevalent across the country. As […]

Inclusion. Learning-Centered Empathy. Self-Care. 

Today’s post is a guest post by Megan Regan, Visiting Associate Professor of Economics I am redesigning my courses with three priorities. This semester is teaching everyone new lessons about the world we live in and the fragility of human built systems; we will […]

Lessons from a Veteran

Today’s post is a guest post by Barry Trachtenberg, Rubin Presidential Chair of Jewish History At my previous institution, I taught 4-week online courses in the History Department for about a dozen years during the summer and winter sessions. I’m not a great fan […]