When administering surveys, the CAT will always inform you of the level of confidentiality you can expect. Unless otherwise noted, our standard is that responses to surveys are kept confidential.

Confidential means that CAT staff may have access to information about who took a given survey, but this information is not available to anyone outside the office. The CAT will never associate a survey respondent’s name or ID with their survey response in any kind of reporting. When survey results are reported, they are always aggregated—that is, individual survey results are combined together and presented as a group. To protect against re-identification by demographic data, we do not report from groups of five people or fewer.

Comments submitted on confidential surveys are also never associated with a respondent’s name or ID; however, it may be possible to discern your identity if you include identifying information in any of your responses.

Please contact Dr. Betsy Barre if you would like more information on our data policies and practices.