Wake Forest University hosts the Inclusive Teaching Conference in Farrell Hall on Thursday, April 21, 2022. Dr. William Cox, a psychology professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison, gives the first plenary session presentation, "Empowering People to Break the Bias Habit: Evidence-Based Approaches to Reduce Bias, Create Inclusion, and Promote Equity.”

Session Resources

“Empowering People to Break the Bias Habit”

Dr. Will Cox
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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“Becoming an Agent of Change for Inclusive Education”

Dr. Talithia Williams
Harvey Mudd College

“Ready for Anything: Creating a Classroom Culture and Cultivating the Confidence to Take on the Unexpected”

Dr. Marcia Chatelain
Georgetown University

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“Cultivating Equitable Learning Environments Through Inclusive Teaching”

Drs. Kelly Hogan and Viji Sathy
UNC-Chapel Hill

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“Building Trust and Negotiating Conflict when Facilitating Conversations about Race”

Dr. Pamela Barnett
La Salle University

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“Designing Courses and Assignments that Engage Institutional History”

Dr. Adam Rothman
Georgetown University

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“Celebrating our Pandemic Efforts: Educating All Students with Universal Design for Learning”

Kirsten Behling
Tufts University

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