Midjourney's rendering of "Illustration of Wake Forest Campus covered in computer code." It's an image of a campus with Georgian architecture covered in pixelated dots and dashes.
Midjourney: “Illustration of Wake Forest campus covered in computer code.”

Though you probably teach alone, you are not alone in thinking through whether and how to approach AI in your classroom. To help you learn from one another, we’re inviting faculty to reflect on their experience and share their advice. Below you will find our first six submissions, with many more on the way. We hope their responses encourage you to explore your thoughts about AI use, and if you’re so inclined, add your own contribution to our growing collection.

All WFU students are invited to participate in a research study to help us better understand student views of artificial intelligence. If students complete the survey, they could win a WFU Swag Basket.1

Results coming soon.

  1. If you have any questions about this study, please contact the primary investigator, Dr. Karen Singer-Freeman at 336-758-2548 or singerk@wfu.edu. eIRB00025464. ↩︎

Check back in April for the opportunity to share your thoughts on AI in a survey process similar to the student one above. We appreciate your interest!

Results coming soon.