Optional Syllabus Language

Honor Code

In this course, you will be held to the standards of the Wake Forest Honor Code, a code that you pledged to honor when you signed your application for admission to the institution. If you are unfamiliar with the details of this code and how it is administered, you should consult the Honor System Handbook. This handbook outlines the University’s expectations for the integrity of your academic work, the procedures for resolving alleged violations of those expectations, and the rights and responsibilities of students and faculty members throughout the process.

Students with Disabilities

Wake Forest University provides reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities. If you are in need of an accommodation, you are encouraged to contact me privately as early in the term as possible. Retroactive accommodations will not be provided. Students requiring accommodations must also consult the Learning Assistance Center & Disability Services  (118 Reynolda Hall, 336-758-5929, lac.wfu.edu).

Mental Health

Students experiencing psychological/emotional distress may avail themselves of support through the University Counseling Center Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM in Reynolda 117 (336.758.5273 or counselingcenter.wfu.edu).  Crisis support is also available after-hours by calling 336.758.5273 and pressing 1 to speak to a crisis counselor.

Support outside of the University Counseling Center may also include the Chaplain’s Office (336.758.5210 or chaplain.wfu.edu) and the Student Health Service (336.758.5218 or shs.wfu.edu).

Confidentiality and Mandatory Reporting

As Wake Forest faculty member, it is my goal that you feel able to share information related to your life experiences in classroom discussions, in your written work, and in our one-on-one meetings. I will seek to keep the information you share private to the greatest extent possible. 

However, I am not a confidential resource. One of my responsibilities is to help create a safe learning environment on our campus. I have a mandatory reporting responsibility related to my role as a professor. I am required to share information regarding alleged sexual misconduct or information about alleged criminal conduct that may have occurred on campus with certain University administrators. Please note that students may speak with a confidential advocate by contacting the University’s Safe Office’s 24/7 Help Line at (336)758-5285.

Sexual Misconduct

Wake Forest is committed to fostering a safe, productive learning environment. University policies prohibit gender discrimination, sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, and stalking. We understand that sexual misconduct can undermine students’ academic success. We encourage students who have experienced some form of sexual misconduct to talk to someone about their experience, so they can get the support they need. 

The University Safe Office provides confidential support and assistance with academic accommodation requests via a 24-hour crisis line (336-758-5285). You may find information about the Safe Office on the website. Alleged sexual misconduct can be reported to the Title IX Office (a non-confidential resource) by emailing titleixcoordinator@nullwfu.edu or calling 336-758-7258. The Student Sexual Misconduct Policy may be reviewed by visiting the Title IX websiteAlleged criminal conduct may also be reported to law enforcement by calling University Police at 336-758-5911 or by submitting a silent witness report