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PEER Workshops

Many of our workshops are presented by WFU faculty. We refer to these as “From the Forest” PEER Workshops. These workshops enable WFU faculty to share their Practices, Expertise, Experiences, and Research (PEER) in the classroom with colleagues across the university.

We are always looking for faculty who want to share the exciting things they are doing in their classes.

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Teaching Essentials Workshops

This workshop series is designed to provide faculty with opportunities to build or refresh their teaching foundations. The topics focus on essentials for teaching as well as common needs and challenges in the classroom. These workshops strive to turn educational jargon into meaningful teaching practices; provide accessible and practical tools and strategies; and support professional growth and reflection. Each workshop in this series is designed and led by a Center for the Advancement of Teaching team member. We offer 4-6 of these workshops each semester, but can also deliver them by-request for groups or departments.

  • Active Learning: Why and How to Incorporate Active Learning into Your Classroom
  • Concept Maps as Teaching, Writing and Productivity Tools
  • Dealing with Challenging Students
  • Finishing with a Flourish: Activities to Spark Connection and Reflection on the Last Days of Class
  • Getting Over the Mid Semester Slump and Re-energizing Your Course
  • Grading with Rubrics
  • First Days
  • How to Do Class Discussion the Right Way
  • Inclusive Teaching: Creating a Climate for Learning
  • Interactive Lecturer
  • Learning and Learner-Centered Teaching
  • Small Teaching: Small Strategies = Big Impacts on Student Learning
  • Syllabus Design
  • Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement
  • Writing Effective Learning Objectives