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Recognizing the opportunity and potential created by modernized classrooms and learning spaces across campus, the university created a collaborative, interdepartmental team of comprised of faculty and staff with expertise in all aspects of learning spaces design, renovation, and implementation. This team, the Learning Spaces Committee, acts as an advisory group working collaboratively with the Wake Forest community to help dream, design, and create new and renovated learning spaces grounded in research-based principles and practices.

Given our mission and expertise, the CAT is a major contributor to the Learning Spaces Committee. If your department is considering a capital request to renovate your learning spaces, the CAT is available to consult with you about your options. We can walk you through the model classroom in our space, show you innovative learning spaces designs around campus, and share what the research tells us about the relationship between space, furniture, and student learning. Equally important is the support we provide to those teaching within newly designed spaces. We can consult with you about the pedagogical possibilities your new space affords, or host a custom workshop for an entire department about how to get the most out of the new space.

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